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school holiday workshops

School Holiday Workshops are the perfect holiday activity to get your child out of the house, moving their bodies and making new friends! 

What are these kids workshops all about?

  • HAVE FUN – Circus is all about laughing, having fun and learning something different.
  • CHALLENGE THEIR BODY & MIND – Kids will be moving their bodies in ways they’re not used to. Some of these activities require hand-eye coordination, others include elements of risk, building strength and confidence with each activity.
  • MEET NEW FRIENDS– The perfect activity to get your child off their devices, out of the house and making new friends. Children are challenged to work together, create together and make mistakes together. But most of all, they become each others biggest cheer squad!
Workshops include a variety of activities including silks, lyra, pole, acro, juggling, hula hoop and more!

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circus kittens


Does your little one like to climb, jump, dance and move their body?

If you said yes to any of these, then circus kittens is for them!

For the younger children, our preschool programs are all about exploring their bodies and how they move.

Through the use of scarves, hula hoops and other props children get to explore object manipulation. What happens if I hold it like this? What happens when I throw that?

With the use of dance, obstical courses and aerial activities, your little one gets to explore risky play in a safe environment. Climbing, balancing and lifting their bodies in different ways.

For the older children, pre-school classes are the perfect school readiness program.

These classes focus on building foundational movement and social skills that are so important for your child as they progress into school. Children will learn to take turns and follow instructions through fun activities such as aerial silks, balance beam and juggling scarves. Watch your children flourish under the guidance of our friendly and professional instructors in the Circus Kittens program.

Pre-school circus runs in 10 week terms in-line with the school terms.

Kids 5-12yrs

Our Kids program is the perfect place for your child to grow their confidence as they continue to develop in their primary years. Children will learn new and challenging skills that build on their strength and coordination with the use of aerial arts, manipulation (juggling and hula hoop) and flexibility. Classes help develop body awareness, hand-eye coordination and social skills as they work with their peers. Watch your child’s confidence grow under the guidance of our friendly and professional instructors in our Kid’s Circus and Aerials programs.

Kids Pole Acro – In this class kids will learn spins, climbs, tricks and dances with the pole. Think of gymnastics and dance mixed together!

Kids Silks – The silks specific classes focus on just that, aerial silks! What is aerial silks? Its the two fabrics that hang down from the ceiling.

Kids Acro – Think of handstands, cartwheels, tumbling and contortion. These acro classes focus on teaching good technique and keeping your childs body safe,’ all while having fun upsidedown!

Kids Circus – Circus is a mixed class where children get to learn a little bit of everything. Generally a class will have a variety of aerial, pole, acro and manip skills learnt throughout the semester, and focus on one to perform at showcase.


Kids Classes are a Semester enrollment. This allows for consistency in their learning and the ability to works towards a performance at the end of semester 1 and 2. Enrollment is open throughout the year, however, students must begin regular classes at least 10 weeks before the performance date if they wish to perform at showcases.

Classes run inline with school terms and have holidays off. Classes will run on all public holidays except for Easter weekend.

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