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About Our Classes

No matter your dance, strength or flexibility level, our adult’s programs are designed for YOU!

You will build your, strength, flexibility and movement skills in class. 

Classes are inclusive of all bodies, all abilities and all humans!

Whether you’re curvy, tall, missing a limb, disabled or able bodied, different genders and orientations, we welcome you to come and try pole dancing and aerial arts!

Types of Classes

Group Classes

Group classes consist of up to 10 students. These are the perfect place to meet new people, socialise and have a laugh while learning how to pole dance or flip through the air in the aerials classes. Classes are leveled, starting at Level 1 for beginners pole dancing or Intro for beginners aerials classes.

Private Lessons

If group classes aren’t for you we also offer one-on-one private lessons. These classes may be suitable for you if you are preparing for a competition or performance. Or maybe you don’t want to be in a large group class and would prefer the one-on-one time. Privates are available throughout the day and in the evenings and are flexible to work on what you want to learn and around your schedule. If you have a disability and would like to try pole dancing or aerial arts, privates are great as a starting point or to pair with your group classes.

Small Group Private Lessons

Small group private lessons are perfect for people who want to be in a group of 2-4 people. These are a great option for people with a physical or mental disability or sensory sensitivity. You still get to socialise and make friends just like in the larger group classes, but you also get the extra support and attention that may not be possible in a large group setting.

HEns & Birthday Parties!

Hens Parties, Birthday Parties, Team Building Events

If you’re looking for something fun to do for your next event you should book a Pole Party!

You’ll be laughing, learning something new, and bonding in these fun and different ativities. You get to choose from your choice of pole, aerials, circus skills, dance and more. 

Parties start from $50pp and run for approximately 1.5-2hours depending on numbers. Send us a message to find out more!

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