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Term Questions

How long do terms run for? Terms at NPAA run over 10 weeks in-line with the NSW school terms. During the school holidays we run mini terms which offer a variety in the schedule and a reduced timetable. This allows for students and instructors to take much needed rest and recovery for their bodies.

Can I start the term late? Will I miss out on learning things? If you start the term late thats okay, our intro courses are specially designed so that you can join in at any stage throughout the term. Your instructor will make sure you learn all the skills and progressions just as the other students have.

Can I repeat a level? Absolutely! You can stay in a level for as long as you need. Every student’s pole and aerials journey looks different. You could be naturally strong but require practice in other areas such as coordination. Or you could be really flexible but require more time to build strength.

Class packs

How long does my 10 pack of classes last? 10 packs start at the time of your first use and expire 10 weeks or 70 days after that use. This means that if you start after term starts you still have 10 weeks to use your pack.

If I can’t make a class can I do a catch-up class? In the event that you can’t make a class we do offer catch-up classes. You must notify the studio with at least 8 hours notice (that is 8 hours before your class starts) if you cannot attend a class as this allows us to open up your spot for others to attend. Unfortunately, if you cancel within that time period this is considered a late cancellation and you will lose your class credit and not be able to use it for another class. For any further questions please contact the studio. Please contact the studio if you believe you have extenuating circumstances and believe you are entitled to a catch-up class.

Term & Semester bookings. Please note that all preschool, kids and teens classes are bound to the term or semester that they are purchased in. If you are a new student and arriving late to the term we will prorate accordingly. These classes cannot be used outside of the term or semester they were purchased for. For catch-up classes please contact the studio to discuss options.

Membership FAQ

What are the membership options and how do they work? All the membership options can be found on the adult pricing page. These work like a gym membership with automatic weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment options available.

What if I don’t attend any classes one week, do I still have to pay? Yes, the membership payments will continue according to their scheduled billing cycle. Just like a gym membership, if you don’t go to the gym that week you still pay the fees. However, unlike the gym, we do allow you up to two weeks to use that weeks credit. Why? Because we know sometimes life happens and we still want to give you the opportunity to be in your happy place.

What if I need to cancel my booking, can I still use the credit? For cancellation conditions please refer to the Class Packs section above. Please note VIP MEMBERS, if you late cancel a class – that is, cancel within 8 hours of the class start time – you will be charged a $10 penalty fee at your next billing per class you late cancelled. Why? This policy helps prevent students on unlimited classes booking out every class and blocking others from booking in. In extreme circumstances it may mean an instructor plans, arrives and sets up to teach a class that everyone “just decided” not to attend without contacting the studio. 

How long is the contract period? The memberships are a 6 month lock-in. You may cancel early, however, you will receive a break of contract fee.

Can I pause my membership if I’m going away? You may pause your membership for whatever reason for up to 6 weeks of the year. You must contact the studio with at least two weeks notice of the pause request via email with the dates of the pause period. You may pause for up to 4 weeks at one time. There is a weekly pause fee of $10.

How do I cancel my membership? You may cancel your membership at any time with at least 30 days notice of when you would like your membership to end. If you are cancelling outside of the 6 month lock-in period you will not incur any extra fees. You may attend classes up until the last date as notified by management.


We accept cash, card or direct transfer. Please contact us for details on the best way to pay for your classes. 

Classes must be paid in full upon booking. This ensures your place in class is secured. Without payment we cannot guarantee your spot. 

Payment plans are available upon request. You will be given paperwork to fill out and we will setup automatic recurring payments for the agreed upon period. Card or bank details are required for this and payment plans will not be accepted any other way.

Casual classes require full payment upon booking.

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