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Pre-school Circus 2-5yrs



Our Pre-school classes are the perfect school readiness program for your children. These classes focus on building foundational movement and social skills that are so important for your child as they progress into school. Children will build their strength through fun activities such as aerial silks, balance beam and juggling scarves. Classes focus on fine and gross motor skills, learning to work with others and following instructions at an age appropriate level. Watch your children flourish under the guidance of our friendly and professional instructors in the Pre-school Circus program.

Pre-school circus runs for 40 weeks of the year during school terms. 

Kids 5-12yrs

Our Kids program is the perfect place for your child to grow their confidence as they continue to develop in their primary years. Children will learn new and challenging skills that build on their strength and coordination with the use of aerial arts, manipulation (juggling and hula hoop) and flexibility. Classes help develop body awareness, hand-eye coordination and social skills as they work with their peers. Watch your child’s confidence grow under the guidance of our friendly and professional instructors in our Kid’s Circus and Aerials programs.

Teens 13-17yrs

Our Teen’s program is the perfect place for your teen to build confidence and community through aerial arts. The community and friendships created in the studio can help support your young one as they navigate through this changing time in their life. This is the time where they are between being children and being young adults. As such, our program is designed with increasingly challenging and age-appropriate skills that help grow your teen’s confidence in their own abilities. Through aerial arts, manipulation (juggling and hula hoop) and flexibility teens will continue to develop their movement pathways and social skills. Watch your teen grow into a strong and confident person through our Teen’s Circus and Aerials programs.

Adults 18+

No matter your dance, strength or flexibility level, our adult’s programs are designed for you. Our classes have been carefully crafted and refined to start from the very foundations of pole and aerials, through to the advanced levels. You will build your, strength, flexibility and movement skills in class. Classes are accessible for everyone. So, stop making excuses that you need to get stronger first, or get more flexible. You are perfect where you’re at NOW. So, sign up to one of our beginner classes to start your journey and the confidence will come with it. Not sure about group classes? We also offer private lessons. We are here to be your cheer squad, because we know that you CAN do whatever you put your heart to!

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